Police Interview

Integrated solution to Police Interview- Investigation System which offers Solution on Mobile Android & iOS, synchronization to Web Server, Audio, Video & Image Capturing, Generation of Hash Value Calculation and QRCODE for Secured Data, Digital Signature Capturing, Authentication at Various Level and Finger Print Integration.

Police Interview – Investigation Solution is basically designed for mobile and web to create statement and capture evidence in the form of Audio, video and images. Integration can be done with various video cameras, recording system etc. All captured files are stored in specific folder structure in mobile. (and synchronize with the server if required). For security purpose hash value (SHA-512) of evidences captured is calculated, so no one can tamper with the captured evidence. Police staff can select CR number against which evidence is collected

Police Interview


The microphones are close to the conversation, at head level for a seated adult on either side of the subject
The recording indicator light at shoulder height behind the subject, so the interviewer can see it at all times during the interview and know that the recorder is recording.
The recording start button is just outside the door to the room.
The close-up camera is at shoulder height directly across from the subject’s face.
The wide-angle camera on the ceiling faces back toward the door from across the room
Police Interview Recording

The important features available in the solution offered are:

Holistic Solution for Police Interview, Police Investigation process
Solution on Web and Mobile (Android and iOS)
Easy accessibility – User Friendly.
High Scalability
Authentication facility at various level.
Unique ID generation for each case.
Sophisticated security features like “Hash Value Calculation” and “QR Code generation”.
Synchronization of data between Mobile application and Web Application
Audio, Video and Image Capturing from mobile.
Encryption & Decryption facility available while transferring data across platform.
Finger print Integration to capture witness and officer’s information.
PDF file generation with QR code containing important information.
Information is stored case, date and user specific manner.
Capturing GPS location at the time of capturing evidence.